The Cyclists’ Alliance represents the competitive, economic, and personal interests of all women cyclists.

We aim to:

  • improve your career and economic opportunities;
  • advocate for fairness and equality in your treatment;
  • provide assistance in resolving all types of disputes;
  • provide unconditional support to you both during and after your pro cycling career; and,
  • elevate the appeal and popularity of professional women’s cycling.

Our mission statement and objectives


The Cyclists’ Alliance Rider Survey 2019

In the Spring of 2019, we performed a follow-up survey to help us understand how our sport has changed in the last two years. Many of you responded, and provided important feedback about many of the key issues that we initially asked the women riders in our first surveys of 2017, as well new questions about UCI reforms.

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Sign on the dotted line

Who calls the tune? Riders, or the team they represent? On the surface, a team of six riders cycling with full commitment in a big race, doing their very best to represent their jersey, may suggest they are happy and being treated fairly and justly by their team. Not always.

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Keeping the sport safe for all: How to file a complaint

Filing a complaint is the best way to protect the riders and the sport from offenders. It’s very much case-by-case but it’s important that the riders who experience these types of situations file a formal complaint, even though it is not an easy process. It’s the only way to get these people out of the sport.

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