The Cyclists’ Alliance represents the competitive, economic, and personal interests of all professional women cyclists.

We aim to:

  • improve your career and economic opportunities;
  • advocate for fairness and equality in your treatment;
  • provide assistance in resolving all types of disputes;
  • provide unconditional support to you both during and after your pro cycling career; and,
  • elevate the appeal and popularity of professional women’s cycling.

Our mission statement and objectives


Supplement Update from SportNutrix

Considering the start of a new season, a new team or a new nutrition sponsor require some basic work before a race year. Athletes need to be familiar with the products, should have a look at what the sponsor offers or what the team has available for their athletes.

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First successful arbitration for The Cyclists’ Alliance

The Cyclists’ Alliance is proud to announce the arbitration victory of our member, Alison Jackson, in a dispute with her former team BePink. While the exact details of the judgment are sealed because of arbitration rules in Italy, Alison was able to recover lost salary and defend herself from counter-claims by the team. 

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UCI Women’s Reforms: A Step Forward for Our Sport

The UCI formally announced its long-awaited reforms for women’s cycling, and The Cyclists’ Alliance is excited to share the possibilities with you. Your voice has helped the Alliance to influence many of these reforms, and we believe these are the first big steps of positive changes for our sport.

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