Run by former and current pros, The Cyclists’ Alliance provides holistic support to female cyclists during and after their careers. Funded purely by donations and subscriptions, our aim is to level the playing field and help the hard-working women of today’s peloton make a living from the sport. There’s a long way to go, but by striving for fairness, we will create a brighter future for all.


The Cyclists’ Alliance Rider Survey 2020

In May to June 2020, professional women riders participated in The Cyclists’ Alliance Annual Rider survey. The survey was open to all cycling disciplines as well as U23, Continental and WWT levels to ensure the results were representative of the landscape.

New union in men’s cycling

We congratulate the men’s peloton for starting ‘The Riders Union’. We believe cycling needs a transparent union that communicates directly with the riders and which gives riders of all nationalities direct and equal influence on the decision making process.

Racing during COVID-19

Racing means riding very closely with other members of the peloton, possible plane travel to reach the starting location and racing also means riders will be surrounded by more people (such as organizers, staff from other teams, spectators) and/or in larger groups.
We have been asked whether you can refuse to participate in a race. Can you be obliged by your team (employer) to get started?

The Cyclists’ Alliance Official Medical Statement on Vuelta Navarra

We all have been looking forward to racing resuming tomorrow in Spain. We know many of you are at the race already and, as always, your safety is our priority. We have consulted with the TCA’s medical advisors and reviewed the UCI Covid Procedures. We are of the view that the risk assessment of the race tomorrow may result in a ‘high’ rating and this, together with the below, has given the TCA cause for concern.