Work to be done at the Women’s Continental level

The UCI recently announced the introduction of Women's Pro Teams. This is a second division for women's cycling teams that will exist between the Women’s World Tour (WWT) and Continental (CT) level. Teams registering at this level commit to UCI rules with minimum standards that are very similar to those of the WWT. 

The Cyclists' Alliance (TCA) supports this step in the further professionalization of women’s cycling. At the same time, we want to emphasize that there is still work to be done at the Continental level. 

Over the years, we gained a lot of insight into the working conditions at the CT level. Based on this data, the TCA has several recommendations to improve the working environment within the CT teams. Whilst we understand financial resources are often limited, we believe that when riders are expected to reach a professional level, there should be the same obligation and expectations on the employer. 

This translates into four recommendations for the UCI:

1.    Increased monitoring and enforcement of compliance with existing UCI regulations by existing CTs;

2.     Create and impose minimum financial standards for any prospective or current CT’s;

3.     Create and impose minimum standards regarding the professionalism of a CT’s organization;

4.     Standardization of rider employment classification

TCA recently raised concerns about the conditions within Continental teams and provided recommendations for change by sending a letter to the UCI on October 23rd, 2023. Unfortunately, TCA never received a response.

The issues persist at this level of cycling, so TCA wishes to bring this to the UCI's attention once again.  

The introduction of Women’s Pro Teams marks a positive step forward for women’s cycling. At the same time, the problems at the CT level remain, and the gap between all levels is growing. TCA encourages the UCI to deepen their commitment to professionalizing women’s cycling at all UCI governed levels as soon as possible.


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