The Cyclists' Alliance will represent the competitive, economic, and personal interests of all professional women cyclists.

We aim to:

  • improve your career and economic opportunities;
  • advocate for fairness and equality in your treatment;
  • provide assistance in resolving all types of disputes;
  • provide unconditional support to you both during and after your pro cycling career; and,
  • elevate the appeal and popularity of professional women’s cycling.



  • We will make racing safer on the road
    We will work with the race organizers, the UCI, and national Federations to enforce minimum race and course safety standards as good as or better than the minimum ANAPRC recommendations.
  • We will make racing safer inside teams
    We will protect the athletes’ rights by working with the UCI and the national Federations, to enforce anti-sexism rules and “fit and proper” ethics for team management and staff, to help guarantee a safe, productive and caring work environment, and to ensure the personal safety and rights of the riders are upheld.
  • We will begin steps to negotiate a joint agreement or collective bargaining agreement with the teams
    The Union will begin work to negotiating such an agreement with the teams to set a minimum wage, and also to create the minimum standards regarding working conditions, sporting opportunities, as well as competitive and economic support for every rider. We will work to preserve the image rights of our athletes so that each has the opportunity to economically benefit from their own likeness and personal property as the sport’s televised audience grows. And we will fight for the maternity rights of every rider, so that women choosing to start a family can – subject to competitive capabilities – maintain their place in professional cycling.
  • We will improve the standard contract to benefit every rider
    A new “Standard Contract” will be developed so that riders and teams have a single, understandable, and equitable basis for creating and maintaining a positive working environment. This new standard contract will clearly spell out obligations and responsibilities for the rider and the employer, can be modified for mutually agreed individual-specific benefits and contingencies, and will prevent athletes from being misrepresented or taken advantage of in the future.
  • We will improve the economics of women’s professional racing
    We will work with all of the stakeholders to improve the business model of the sport – to increase investment in teams, new races, and development programs; to broaden the scope and extent of sponsorship; to work with the men’s sport to improve ethical standards and overall governance of the sport; and to broaden economic opportunities for everyone.
  • We will represent the voting interests of every woman professional
    We will work with the UCI to include a direct vote by the Union in the Road Commission, to have a permanent seat on the new Women’s Commission, and to gain a vote in the Professional Cycling Council.  Each women's team will have a representative to the Union to ensure that the voice of every rider is heard.
  • We will provide a platform for the riders to collaborate
    The Union will seek to represent 100% of the women competing at the top professional level, and it will have a structure of committees to comment on, respond to and steer important issues. The union will strive to meet once annually as a complete group, and have smaller meetings with rider representation through the year.  The union will provide private electronic social platforms that help riders to instantaneously communicate topics and issues which affect their sport.
  • We will provide the support and resources to help riders reach their career goals both during and after their time in pro cycling:
    We will provide advocacy and support from the moment a professional joins the union. This support will include education on athletes’ rights, contract and arbitration assistance, resources to help with financial planning and post-career guidance, and mentorship programs to help pass along life skills.