Eating in isolation- nutrition advice from Judith Haudum

In times of uncertainty, it is hard to maintain motivation and structure. COVID-19 has presented the world with some very challenging circumstances and has led to the cancellation of many events across the globe. Several countries, and many of our members, are facing lock down and isolation as they adhere to government sanctioning to maintain and protect public health.

Cyclist's Alliance partner, Judith Haudum, is an experienced sports nutritionist, and she has offered her tips to help our members maintain structure, health and fitness during these difficult and trying times.

Successful cooking starts with a well-planned purchase. We are currently going through a time when it is important to plan ahead. Purchases should be limited to a few times a week. The less often you have to go, the better! Therefore, it is particularly important these days to plan your shopping well and also to think about what you need and want to cook the day after tomorrow.

A healthy, balanced diet does not only mean getting fresh fruit and vegetables, whole foods , untreated things. A balanced diet should also be varied. Put something new on the menu every day somewhere and thus supply the body with other nutrients that are just as important as the day before.

Variety in nutrition is particularly important for athletes. Especially when the amount of training is reduced because some cannot train in sports halls or training centers, variety and quality in nutrition are important. The portions get smaller due to less training load , therefore the nutrient density of the meals should increase in order to continue to cover the daily nutritional needs (esp. Micronutrients).

A shopping list with different types and variants is helpful so that many different nutrient suppliers can find their way into our shopping cart when shopping. If it helps one person not to forget some things, it prevents the other from eating one side of quinoa for several days. And why not try new recipes now, where we are all at home? Not every recipe is complicated, but good recipes are healthier than finished products from the supermarket. Let's take the time to prepare the purchase well and use the time at home to get quality and variety on the plate. It all starts with the shopping list and recipes will follow!

Find your shopping list here:

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