The TCA reflects on a productive 2021 and looks to extend its services and support for professional female cyclists further with additional partners in 2022

Established in 2017, The Cyclist Alliance is an independent union representing female professional cyclists’ rights by advocating for a safe and stable working environment, alongside providing day to day holistic support to its members during and after their professional careers. Its aim is to level the playing field and help members of today’s peloton make a living from the sport.

Women’s cycling still has a long way to go to achieve a stable working environment. This can be shown by data collected by The Cyclist Alliance which states that 62% of riders competing in the professional peloton earn less than €15,000 and 34% receive no remuneration. In addition, 80% of riders signed a contract without legal representation and 80% only signed a 1-year deal. The disparity gap between the World Tour and Continental level continues to widen; and the priority issues that the riders’ want TCA to advocate for are;

  1. All riders to earn a minimum salary
  2. Increasing live TV coverage of races
  3. Creating more racing opportunities for developing riders to progress the sport forwards.

The Cyclist’s Alliance is funded purely through membership subscriptions (rider and supporter packages) as well as donations and sponsorships from individual and corporate partners. TCA was also the recipient of a donation from the Rapha Foundation in 2020. These financial commitments have accelerated progress for the sport exponentially through initiatives such as its contract management platform; approved agent quality standard, the Rider Hotline, The Duty of Care Framework, and the TCAMP mentorship program which provide holistic support to riders.

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Speaking on The Cyclist Alliance’s TCAMP, TCA Co-founder and Co-Manager of TCAMP Gracie Elvin said

"From the beginning we believed that finding long term solutions for the sport was just as important as providing support to each individual. Our Podium Partners believe this as well, and we are thrilled to have Cannondale, Liv, SRAM, Trek, and Specialized share our vision of creating a stronger and more sustainable environment for women's cycling across all levels."

Gracie Elvin

Other achievements include appointing an ethics officer who is able to offer unconditional support to rider members on disputes ranging from sexual harassment to unpaid salaries.

Professional rider Sara Mustonen said of The Cyclist Alliance ethics program:

The Cyclists' Alliance was quick to help me by defining the problem and guiding me through the process of filing a complaint, advising and following up. It's important for riders to make the process as easy as possible and the Cyclists' Alliance gives me this safe environment, they understand the difficulties we face as riders. I think the Ethics Officer improves this process and hopefully more and more riders will feel confident to speak up against mistreatment”. 

Sara Mustonen

The Cyclist Alliance is audited and transparent ensuring 100% of sponsors' donations have a direct impact for TCA rider members. TCA partners help fund the day-to-day services which are provided to rider members and facilitate continued implementation of existing and new initiatives. 

In 2022, The Cyclists’ Alliance aims to continue to secure sponsorship and to build bespoke programs which benefit the needs of our rider members. It will continue to strive for fairness in professional cycling whilst ensuring that 100% of female cyclists have a safe and stable working environment and that their achievements are sufficiently visible. 

If you’re passionate about joining our movement for change, want to strive for fairness and the TCA, please visit for more information about our Supporter (€35), Rider Sponsor (€60) and Sponsor (donations from €500) or email Lexi at for sponsorship and partnership enquires.




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