The Cyclists’ Alliance Duty of Care Framework – winter update

Let's have a look at what happened in November and make sure you keep your agenda open for what's coming in 2024.

“Pelvic, vulvar and perineal health for female cyclists” webinar and survey this month

Last Wednesday, expert  Luci Olewinski MD hosted a webinar for members and team doctors on “Pelvic, vulvar and perineal health for female cyclists”. If you missed it, don’t worry! It is available to watch on demand in the webinar section of the members’ website

As part of the webinar, we are asking members to complete an important survey on urogenital overuse injuries in elite female road cyclists - your survey responses will help to advance the research and understanding. You can find the survey link in the same place on the members’ website.

More experts confirmed as webinar speakers for the Duty of Care Framework for 2024

We are delighted and excited to announce two more experts confirmed for our webinar education series for our female athlete members.

In January and February 2024  Professor Kirsty Elliott-Sale will deliver two webinars on:

  • Understanding your menstrual cycle on Wednesday 10 January, 20:00 CET - register here! 
  • Understanding contraception and pregnancy in February

Professor Sale is a world-leading expert researcher on Female Endocrinology and Exercise. She has conducted research and published extensively on female endocrinology and exercise, including menstrual cycle, menstrual dysfunction, hormonal contraceptives, pregnancy, menopause.

In Spring 2024, physiotherapist Kat Stene, will deliver a webinar on 

  • Iliac artery endo-fibrosis in elite cyclists

Kat Stene is an Australian sports physiotherapist with more than 18 years of experience and a long history of working with professional athletes, especially cyclists. She has specialised in diagnosing and treating long term problems of the hip and spine, and has worked with many cyclists who have been diagnosed with iliac artery endo-fibrosis.

Coming later in 2024 

In the second half of 2024, we aim to cover other important topics for female cyclists, including:

  • Concussion
  • Nutrition and Relative energy deficiency in sport
  • Managing your health in a professional context: What to expect from your team doctor and valuable medical tests for health screening

The Duty of Care Framework is run by Deena Blacking. If you have any questions, please get in touch directly via 

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