The Cyclists’ Alliance announces their partnership with The Mind Room

As identified during our annual survey and continuous interaction with the cycling community, mental health is of significant importance within the peloton. In particular, there are two prominent priorities presenting:

  1. Wellbeing and happiness; and
  2. Peak performance.

TCA have listened to this feedback, and we are happy to announce our recent partnership with The Mind Room. An organisation dedicated to sharing psychological knowledge and tools to bring attention to everyday actions that will enhance your help, wellbeing and performance.

Who are The Mind Room?

“We believe that when people know more about how their minds work, they suffer less and live more meaningful, connected and satisfying lives. We are about sharing quality psychological knowledge and tools to empower individuals, organisations and communities to not just survive, but thrive.”  

Michael Inglis – The Mind Room Co-Founder, Director and Sports Performance Psychologist– is an endorsed and accredited Sport, Performance and Exercise Psychologist and has been working in the mental health field since 1999. Michael leads The Mind Room’s Sport & Performance team. He believes in a holistic approach to performance, and that the wellbeing of athletes off-the-field is just as important as their performance on-the-field.

Michael works with athletes, coaches and teams to build and enhance performance, wellbeing and leadership skills. Some of the teams Michael has worked with include Holden Cycling Women’s’ team, North Melbourne Football Club and the Melbourne Rebels. He is a keen cyclist and father to three active boys. 

Other psychologists of various kinds such as clinical, health and wellbeing can be viewed on the website

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