The Cyclists’ Alliance announces their partnership with SportNutrix

Good performance comes with good nutrition:

More than ever people talk about nutrition and how it affects performance. Getting it right or wrong is often the difference between finishing a race and winning it. In cycling, nutrition is more important than ever. Management of fatigue, recovery, and performance is a big factor. In particular, the struggles, pressure and dangers for female riders are more prominent than ever as there is more and more discussion about weight and body composition. 
TCA are happy to formally announce our partnership with SportNutrix. To help addressing sporting nutrition.

Who are SportNutrix?

Judith Haudum, the Founder of SportNutrix, is an experienced sport dietician who has worked with several top cyclists and cycling teams over the past five years. The Cyclists’ Alliance has joined forces with Judith for 2019, following a successful start to our relationship at the World Championships in Innsbruck. You can read more about this here

How does this help me?

Consider Judith a ‘go-to-contact’, independent from cycling teams, for anyone that is struggling with nutrtion, weight- and health related topics.

Everything you discuss with Judith will be confidential. Nothing will be communicated to third parties. If you need help, Judith is a contact that can help. Whether that is for basic nutritional information or more complex questions. Judith has a strong understanding of body composition, nutrition, weight management and performance.

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