The Cyclists’ Alliance announces their partnership with Paratam

Progressing through life is a difficult and often unpredictable experience for cyclists. We frequently hear cyclists questioning what they will do post-cycling, and what they should be doing now to ensure they have the type of career they want when they have finished cycling.
The Cyclists’ Alliance is working on a number of partnerships to help cyclists manage their cycling careers while looking forward toward the life they will have after cycling. It is with this, we would like to announce our recent partnership with Paratam. An organization dedicated to assisting athletes with their transition from the sporting world and into the future.

Who is Paratam?

Paratam is dedicated to helping athletes prepare for what lies ahead. Through coaching, they will guide, motivate and stimulate to help you find the right opportunities to build the career you want.

The focus of Paratam is professional (ex) athletes, who are towards the end of their cycling career. These athletes will face a lot of uncertainty and unfamiliarity. Questions like: What can I do now? What do I want? Where to start? Who am I, when I get off that bike? 

Cynthia Dassen, the founder of Paratam, will work with TCA athletes to give them mental coaching during the process when ending their sports career. Focusing on looking at the skills and motivations you have in your life that are not necessarily related to cycling and working on processes for using this ambition in your daily life.

How does this help me?

Paratam offers discounted access to their coaching services. As a TCA member, you will receive 25% off each session.

At the end of the coaching, you will have a better understanding of who you are, what you want, and how you can represent yourself outside your cycling life. 

 “The programme I developed is based on 6 to 8 sessions, of 1,5 hours. In the first 3 to 4 sessions, we will look at your qualities, and how you can use them. After that, we will work on your new goals. You will get a clear view of what you need to balance out your new life!” 
Cynthia is based in the Netherlands, but she can also organize a consult through Skype for riders from all over the world. Cynthia is experienced in global time zones and can speak Dutch, English, and German. 

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