The Cyclists’ Alliance 2021 Rider Survey: Part Two results revealed!

Professional female cyclists in a peloton

Part Two: Legal & Ethics

We believe the only way to change our sport for the better is to work together as a unified body of athletes.

Every year The Cyclists' Alliance carries out a rider survey to provide hard data on the current ‘status quo’ of professional women's cycling. This highlights key issues and problems to solve. By tackling these, we can create lasting change.

In 2021, we decided to split the survey into three parts to ask a variety of questions:

(Part 1) Working Conditions covering;

(Part 2) Legal & Ethics covering;

  • Legal Support
  • Agent Support
  • Ethical concerns

(Part 3) Team Culture covering;

  • Professionalism
  • Rider happiness & satisfaction within the team environment


Part TWO: Legal and Ethics
Legal Assistance
  • 80% of riders surveyed did not use legal assistance when signing their contract.
  • Instability persists for riders with the majority (80%) only signing a 1-year deal
  • Only 29% were in a position to successfully negotiate their contract terms, meaning 71% of riders surveyed accepted the original contract offered to them by their team/employer.
  • 76% of riders are aware that TCA Full Members have access to a FREE 'Contract health check' where a legal advisor and agent will review a riders employment contract and provide recommendations and/or concerns.
  • 62% do not know if they own their image rights.
  • 70% do not know if they own their data rights.
  • Financial reasons (58%), starting a family (40%) and pursuing career opportunities (37%) outside of racing are the main reasons professional female cyclists consider leaving the sport of cycling earlier than planned.
Are you negotiating a new contract with a team or agent and can't afford legal assistance? Please contact for a FREE contract health check.

Any full rider members of TCA can request a FREE contract health check by a legal proffessional as well as salary guidance from The Cyclists' Alliance when negotiating to renew or sign a new employment contract with a team (or with an agent to represent you) so that they understand their rights and economic value in the marketplace. Please reach out to Lexi at who can direct your contractual enquiry to the right legal specialist at TCA.

Agent Support
  • 81% do not have an agent representing them and only 18% surveyed did have an agent to represent them. These riders stated the following services that their agent provides for them;
    • Finding a team for the rider
    • Contract negotiations with the team, including salary & performance bonus negotiations
    • Resume/CV support
    • Multi-year contract deals
    • Personal sponsorships & endorsement deals
    • Contacting the team on my behalf
    • Dealing with issues with the team
    • Building personal brand & profile
    • Additional revenue streams
    • Managing media requests
    • Financial, taxation and VISA advice
    • Opportunities post-cycling career
  • 40% of riders are aware that TCA Full Members have access to a list of officially recognised agents who adhere to a set of minimum standards and ethics, as outlined in the TCA Agent Charter.
Ethical Concerns
  • 44% surveyed said they had been pressured into a decision or to race.
  • 14% surveyed have felt unsafe in their team - please note all riders who left comments on the situation(s) where they have felt unsafe have been reached out to and offered additional support/assistance from our legal team and ethics officer if they require it. If you have not been contacted it is because you chose not to leave your email address, however you can still reach out directly if you require further assistance. Please contact Lexi at
    • The majority (86%) feel safe in their team which is good news.
  • 63% are aware that TCA has an ethics officer (appointed in March 2020)

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