The Cyclists’ Alliance 2020 Annual Review

Welcome to The Cyclists' Alliance 2020 Annual Review - after what has been an unprecedented year of disruption and change. 

The purpose of this report is to review The Cyclists' Alliance (TCA) achievements and learnings from 2020, to give all members and stakeholders in the sport an update on our activity, the new benefits launched and what we plan to achieve over the coming year.

At the TCA whilst we have worked tirelessly to protect and support our rider members, we have also sought out and focused on the opportunities 2020 has brought: growing our team, our benefits / support program for riders and our membership base. We launched a ‘support program’ where fans of cycling have the opportunity to join as members, providing financial support to TCA’ but also a visible demonstration of the women in the sport.

Thanks to these members and the support provided by The Rapha Foundation, we have been able to provide:
>> much needed legal advice on a variety of matters
>> assistance to resolve disputes
>> greater depth of support to the MTB discipline
>> support for athletes going through the process of addressing abuse or misconduct at the right institution
>> a contract management platform
>> an approved rider agent platform
>> a number of successful webinars across different topics like contracts, salaries, nutrition, Red-S and Covid-19.

These activities support our aim to educate and empower riders, and redress the balance of power in women’s cycling by informing riders of their rights, their leverage and helping them recognise their economic potential.

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