Shift in TCA Legal team

The Cyclists’ Alliance (TCA) announced today a change in the legal team. While Marnix van Ark has left the TCA after serving the organization for the past five years, we welcome Cassandra Nelson into the team. 

After five years as TCA Legal officer, Marnix van Ark has decided to step down from his role to pursue a new career in cycling as a rider agent. Over the years Marnix quickly became an important and valued team member. He has been instrumental for the growth of the TCA and especially its legal services. Marnix was a central piece in the development of our Contract Management Platform and he successfully advocated for a minimum salary and improved working conditions for Continental riders in the Netherlands. Over the years he has also assisted many riders with their employment related issues such as contract, salaries, image rights, insurance, pension, and much more. 

Iris Slappendel “Legal work is not always prominent for the outside, as it’s often personal, delicate and confidential, but we know many of our members have reached out to Marnix over the years with big or small questions, and this has had a positive impact on their careers. A big thanks to Marnix for his tireless work and positive energy in the past years. We are happy to see Marnix’ stays involved in the sport, although in a different capacity, and wish him all the best” 

Since van Ark's departure, his portfolio was redistributed to other TCA staff members and search for a permanent replacement was ongoing. Today, the TCA is happy to announce the hiring of Cassandra Nelson.

The USA based lawyer and cyclist will take up this part time role next to her racing career. Nelson’s understands the challenges for pro cyclists, and those who aspire a pro career, very well and is eager to use her skills in support of our members. Nelson will work closely with our Ethics Officer Judith van Maanen and TCA Director Jean-François Reymond. 

For Iris Slappendel Cassie Nelson is a great addition to the team “ I believe we have found someone with the same passion and drive to strive for fairness as Marnix. She is from the world of cycling and we are happy to offer an opportunity within the TCA to an active rider”

Since its inception in 2017, the TCA was driven by two core ambitions; firstly, that 100% of UCI-riders have safe and stable working conditions by 2024 by ensuring the human rights and labour rights of athletes are protected. Secondly, it aimed to ensure that 100% of riders feel their achievements are sufficiently visible through greater representation and consideration from the media and furthermore, that media coverage accurately reflects the extent of high-level and exciting racing taking place in women’s cycling.

Now in its 7th year, the TCA has successfully lobbied for change in women's cycling including: 

  • Athlete representation with the elected rider council led by Ellen van Dijk
  • Membership growth, representing 200+ members, from 32 different countries, across all cycling disciplines and all continents. 
  • Significant increase in the use of TCA’s Legal and Ethics department
  • Extended membership benefits and educational opportunities 
  • TCAMP Program, which provides during and after-career support supporting riders with skills both on and off the bike.

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