The Cyclists’ Alliance Rider Survey 2019

In the Spring of 2019, we performed a follow-up survey to help us understand how our sport has changed in the last two years. Many riders responded, and provided important feedback about many of the key issues that we initially asked the women riders in our first surveys of 2017, as well new questions about UCI reforms.

We spent the season reviewing your responses and addressing these insights and concerns with the teams, the UCI, and our partners in EU Athletes. As a result, we were able to better represent athlete grievances, provide influential advice to the UCI, and expand our outreach and support to you as advocates for your career success. Belatedly, we offer to you the results of the survey, with fresh insights into how your experiences will help shape The Cyclists' Alliance's approach to 2020 and beyond in your service. In sum, the sport is growing in strength and wages are rising, but there are still great discrepancies among the most competitive teams and we will do more to increase your personal safety, opportunities to advance your careers, and influence the economics of the sport so that you can enjoy a longer and more rewarding professional cycling career, in whatever disciplines you choose to compete.

Please see the survey results below by clicking through the slides in the following slideshow:

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