Recommendations on the UCI Ethics Procedure

In the past three years, the TCA has supported multiple riders by filing complaints at the UCI Ethics Commission. We are glad to see that the UCI Ethics Code is subject to evaluation and subsequent adjustments and there is increased awareness around this topic. As a result of our experiences though, we have identified some major flaws in the procedure.

The purpose of this ‘Evaluation and recommendations on the Ethics Procedure’ is provide practical recommendations on improvements to the UCI Ethics Code, the procedure and the process, gained from ours and our members’ experiences (the “Recommendations” ). We believe these Recommendations will help us reach a common goal, namely creating a safe environment for everyone involved in cycling and further enhance the sport we love.

These Recommendations have also been communicated directly to the UCI and the CPA. As great believers in transparency and the benefits this brings to all stakeholders, we have also published this on our own communication channels – in the same way we do with all of our reports and communications.


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