New union in men’s cycling

We congratulate the men’s peloton for starting ‘The Riders Union’. We believe cycling needs a transparent union that communicates directly with the riders and which gives riders of all nationalities direct and equal influence on the decision making process.

We founded The Cyclists’ Alliance in 2017 for these same reasons, and because we believe in the ‘one-rider-one-vote’ principle. We do this, as a truly independent organization which serves solely to advocate for and advance the interests of the riders - and we are happy to see our male colleagues taking a similar stance.

We believe men’s sport has different battles to fight than women’s sport right now, and we will continue to advocate for the issues that matter to women’s cycling. However, we are confident we will come together on key issues which impact both pelotons, such as race safety and improving the economic opportunities in cycling, as both the TCA and The Riders’ Union commit to improving cycling as a whole, for the benefit of the entire community. We look forward to sharing our experience, resources, network and enthusiasm!

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