New Partnership with FuturumShop

The Cyclists' Alliance is happy to announce a new partnership with Futurumshop, a Dutch based online sports retailer. Proud of this new affiliation, Futurumshop founder, Harmen Vermeulen, stated:

“This partnership will bring us a lot of expertise and experience from female riders who are professionally active in cycling.  Recently, we started a Ladies panel so that they can help FuturumShop coordinate the range and website specifically for women.”

The financial support offered by FuturumShop is necessary for TCA to be able to grow and professionalise further as an organisation, but such a partnership also increases our network and gives our members the opportunity to work together. We want women to have a bigger voice in cycling, but also in the cycling industry, and Futurumshop recognises and aligns with this goal. For example, Futurumshop offers internship opportunities, and all within a company that understands a topsport mentality.

Welcome Futurumshop, and thank you for supporting The Cyclists' Alliance.

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