Mentorjam Platform joins forces with TCAMP to launch the 2022 Mentorship Program

Mentor and Mentee participating in TCAMP via Mentorjam

The Cyclists’ Alliance (TCA) has launched the 2022 TCAMP mentor program, together with a new partner ‘Mentorjam’.  Mentorjam provides a software platform to deliver scalable and measurable mentoring solutions for companies and organizations.

Thanks to the Mentorjam solution, TCAMP participants can connect, share and help each other using the software during the process. We believe this platform will enable mentors and mentees to maximise their mentoring experiences. It also helps TCA deliver an effective programme, together with its current Podium Partners, by using a central solution to proactively engage participants’.

Mentorjam: The Community Platform that shares experience and fuels progress, through connecting people

TCAMP’s mission is to provide guidance to athletes, at all stages of their professional cycling careers. During the structured program, participants are encouraged and guided to reach their full sporting and economic potential. The collaboration with our 5 Podium Partners (SRAM, LIV, Cannondale, Trek and Specialized) are key in delivering valuable skills training and hands-on practical experience and the use of a software platform will help manage and expand the program. Find out more about the successes of the 2021 program here.

Participants can access the Mentorjam platform to participate in discussions, use direct messaging, set up video calls with their mentee/mentor, access a resource library and get in touch with the Podium Partners for tailored job experience placements. Mentees and mentors can take full control of their own mentoring process, whilst Podium Partners will be given a business space and a profile to connect directly with TCAMP community.

We are extremely happy to partner with Mentorjam. We share the same values. We believe knowledge, and the sharing of it, is key to TCAMP’s long term success and Mentorjam will help us reach this aim. We start every mentoring programme with the matching process, which is one of the requirements for successful mentoring. Mentorjam enables us to use algorithms to ensure the best connections are made between mentees and mentors. From a management perspective, this makes the program more efficient to roll out annually and to reach a larger group of female professional cyclists. We also intend to broaden the community in the coming years, as cyclists will enter new stages of their careers, and to welcome potential Podium Partners from a variety of industries.”

Roos Hoogeboom. TCAMP Co-Manager

“Our collaboration with The Cyclists Alliance is a really special one for all of us at Mentorjam. With our aligned missions to support and enable knowledge sharing between mentors and mentees our aim is to create a fabulous and rewarding program for all TCAMP participants.  As a team we highly value the power of diversity and mentoring and with every client we onboard we look at new ways to break down the barriers of exclusion and in return build communities of progress. We do this by assisting our clients to grow communities of learning, knowledge sharing, mentorships and support. The Cyclists Alliance Mentoring Program is designed to support their female cyclists current career, prepare them for what’s ahead and help them thrive in their careers regardless of which stage they are in. Together we will help women help other women to reach new heights.”

Estelle Roux, Mentorjam


Mentorjam is a Saas Community platform whose solutions offer a unique approach to community engagement and knowledge sharing between members - be that through Mentoring, Coaching or Online learning. Originally started as a data-driven platform for managing scalable and measurable mentoring programs, Mentorjam has evolved into a solution that supports complex ecosystems of learning and knowledge sharing.


Run by former and current pros, The Cyclists’ Alliance is a foundation, funded purely by donations and subscriptions, that provides holistic support to professional female cyclists during and after their careers. We work hard to secure fairer pay for female athletes, resolve disputes with teams, provide emotional and economic support, and elevate the appeal of women’s cycling.

We help our supported riders in many ways but our ultimate goal is a single word. And it’s not too much to ask. Fairness.


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