Keeping the sport safe for all: How to file a complaint

The following article is from excerpts taken from the article “Slappendel urges cyclists to file formal complaints with UCI against abusers” by Kirsten Frattini. Thank you to Kirsten for working with us on this piece.

Following the latest news of the Health Mate Ladies Team rider abuse accusations by multiple riders, we urge any cyclists to file formal complaints with the UCI Ethics Commission and Safe Sport programs if they find themselves in situations of abuse on a cycling team or witness abuse within the sport.

Filing a complaint is the best way to protect the riders and the sport from offenders. It's very much case-by-case but it's important that the riders who experience these types of situations file a formal complaint, even though it is not an easy process. It's the only way to get these people out of the sport.

We can help riders with the process and procedure of filing formal complaints with the UCI Ethics Commission by providing them with the appropriate point of contact and explaining what details need to be included in a formal complaint. We can also help answer questions such as: How do I get out of an abusive situation? What should I do when I am in an abusive situation? We can also help answer specific questions concerning different types of abuse such as psychological, physical, sexual, financial, and emotional harm by abusive coaches. If necessary, we can support you with legal help. 

Any rider, whether they are a member of The Cyclists' Alliance or not, can contact the association if they are experiencing abuse within the sport. As is the case with the UCI Ethics Commission, for purposes of confidentiality, any discussions surrounding such cases will remain confidential with The Cyclists' Alliance. 

In the end, it's the rider who has to take the step to file the complaint. In short, riders can come to us and we connect them with the UCI Ethics Commission and advise them on what they will need to provide to make a formal complaint. Now, unlike in the recent past, a rider can also file a complaint anonymously.

For further information about the procedure of how to file a complaint, you can read the full article on here,or contact us directly through this address: 

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