Hammer Stavanger- a missed opportunity

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In 2020, the Hammer series had intended to introduce a Women’s edition of Hammer Stavanger. This event was recently blocked by the UCI, resulting in a subsequent public appeal by Hammer series and Velon.

Hammer Stavanger aimed to offer equal TV coverage, equal prize money and the same routes on the same day as the men. This level of equality is rare within cycling, but it is what The Cyclists’ Alliance and our members hope to see from events. Offering a high level of support, and an exciting new platform, we feel that the cancellation of this event is a loss for cycling and a missed opportunity.

"It is a disappointment to read the news this week that the UCI has blocked a women's edition of the Hammer Stavager. I believe the biggest limitation to the further growth of women's cycling, and cycling in general, is the constant power struggle and lack of collaboration. The future of cycling lies in innovation and working together to create a sustainable business model. Velon is working hard to make this happen and it's a shame the UCI doesn't support this initiative."

Ashleigh Moolman - Rider representative

The Cyclists’ Alliance, and their members, stand beside the Hammer Series and Velon and we urge the UCI to reconsider their decision.

If you wish to read the open letter, you may find it here: https://www.facebook.com/1471238142956329/posts/2544577155622417/

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