Giro Rosa ICCREA Broadcast

The Giro Rosa ICCREA, which starts next week, is one of the most prestigious stage races of women’s cycling. It’s even more exciting that it will now be possible to see the action of the world’s best riders, for free! We are grateful for Trek Bikes and Voxwomen for making this possible. 

The Cyclists’ Alliance has been engaged in the discussion of live-streaming women’s racing and making these broadcasts globally available for fans all around the world. We, the riders, have been pushing for this development because we believe increased exposure will be a game changer in our sport. It’s up to all of us – riders, teams, race organizers, media, governance partners, and our supporting sponsors – to work together to change the landscape and create new opportunities that are unique for women’s sport. 

This is a victory for all women racing today and in the future. For those of you who will be starting the Giro Rosa, or in other races throughout this season, you are the ones who have made women’s cycling such an entertaining and attractive sport. You have been open and engaging with our fans, helping to create new and exciting stories and a unique sporting narrative. 

We are proud to partner with Trek and Voxwomen to help build this narrative. Every day as part of the Giro Rosa broadcast, there will be a ‘TCA Question’ for a rider. The question will not focus on the day’s racing, but about the current state of women’s cycling – the opportunities and the challenges we all face. Some questions will be similar to ones you may have seen in our first surveys, while others will be on new topics that we know are important to you. But each day, a rider will have a chance to change how the world views our sport!

If there are any questions you would like to ask during these broadcast segments, things you would like the fans to know about life as a pro cyclist, please let us know! We can’t wait for the Giro to start…

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