General Assembly 2019 Outcomes

The Cyclists Alliance

Last week The Cyclists' Alliance held our first General Assembly. The purpose of this meeting was to:

- Summarise: who we are; what we do; what we have achieved; what our goals are.
- Provide non-members the opportunity to understand more about TCA
- Provide members with the opportunity to come together to ask questions and discuss what is important to them
- Invite members to nominate themselves to a newly formed rider council
- Instruct members on the voting process for the rider council and executive board  

It was a very constructive and encouraging meeting, and we were really happy with how many members made the time to come in person or watch online via our live stream. We also had an open invite to team managers who wanted to know more about TCA. There were plenty of great questions from riders and positive ideas for us to work on in the short and long term.

Following the meeting we conducted an electronic election for the rider council and for the executive board. The results are as follows:

Rider Council:
- Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio
- Amanda Spratt
- Leah Kirchman
- Ellen van Dijk
- Marianne Vos
- Audrey Cordon
- Christine Majerus
- Ariane Luthi (MTB)

Executive Board:
- Executive Director: Iris Slappendel 
- Vice-Director: Rhian Ravenscroft 
- Communications Director: Gracie Elvin (temporarily replaced TBA)
- Treasurer: Roos Hoogeboom (from January 2020) 
- Rider Representative: Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio

We are very proud of what we have achieved so far as a collective organisation, and are very excited for what we can do to help riders in this next phase. Our first and foremost goal is to serve and protect the rights and interests of our members, and all UCI female riders. It is fantastic to see so many of these riders taking the responsibility and initiative to be part of this.

If you would like access to the power point presentation of this meeting then please contact us directly.

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