Free Concussion Program for TCA members

We are very excited to announce a new partnership with the HeadSmart Sports Concussion Programme, a world leading programme that focuses on baseline brain function testing, concussion education and post-concussion management. It simple and easy to use and will be co-ordinated by The Cyclists' Alliance to ensure your health and safety while riding. 

Through our surveys, talking with riders and listening to stories from the peloton, we knew it was a important for us to prioritize medical standards with particular efforts to minimize the consequences of concussions. 

"Partnering with a company like HeadSmart is the next step to improving our healthcare in and out of races around sports.  They provide a great over view of pre and post concussion assessment as well as some education for the athlete and teams.  We are desperately missing this piece of information in our sport and I think this is part of the missing link to make sure we are taking good care of our brains.  I don't want to be in a team that doesn't have this as a priority as an athlete or Director, so offering this to the members has too be a priority.  We only have one brain so take care of it!" - Carmen Small

"HeadSmart is great because it not only makes it easy to recognise and monitor concussion but it also provides athletes with guidance on their recovery, education on when it is safe to return to sport, as well as access to a network of specialists if required. The short and long term impacts of concussion on both riders' general health and careers are increasingly being recognised, and it's fantastic that the Cyclists' Alliance can now help you minimise these through their partnership with Headsmart." - Claire Rose

The Cyclists’ Alliance will be providing members with free access to this both computerised baseline brain function screening and the First Responder Concussion App to help recognise concussion on the road thanks to the support of Healthy Ageing Network Northern Netherlands (HANNN). HANNN is a foundation with the mission to add more healthy years to the lives of people in the Northern Netherlands, and is proud partner of the Healthy Ageing Tour. They have been fantastic supporters of TCA since we started and this was a perfect program for them to get behind for the health of all riders.

Members can contact us for their personal code, or become a member today if you would like access to this important service! Simply provide us with your name and email address and a voucher email will be sent to you which contains a link to complete the computerised baseline screening. In addition, to download the First Responder App to recognise concussion, we’ll send you an app promo code to use on the App or Play store.

Please contact Carmen Small for the Headsmart Voucher

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