Executive Director

Iris Slappendel

  • Organizational decision making
  • Election management (setting dates, proposing platform goals)
  • Strategy and planning
  • Signatory (signs official documents)
  • Negotiates directly with stakeholders like the UCI, but also legal support and other rider services
  • Create a budget for managing the Alliance (with the other board members)

Vice Director

Rhian Ravenscroft

  • Liason and day-to-day work with stakeholders like the UCI, teams, race organizers
  • Sponsor relationship building
  • Works with the Executive Director on key platform issues like image rights, safety, and contracts

Communications Director

Gracie Elvin

  • Day-to-day rider interaction
  • Surveys
  • News media relations
  • Website management, including email and the Alliance website
  • Create a budget for managing the communications needs


Roos Hoogeboom (starting January 1st 2020)

  • Finances - Set up account, track the funds and dues, create a budget
  • Membership - Manage the list of members and track demographics
  • Travel and meeting organizing (key task: create a relationship with a travel partner)
  • Create a budget for managing the day-to-day operations like meetings, events with the riders, business supplies (such as cell phones, laptops, other assets)

Rider Representative

Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio


  • Industry
  • Relationships
  • Race organisers
  • Federations
  • Teams


  • Web development
  • Email services
  • News media
  • Public relations


  • Finances
  • Membership services
  • Travel partners
  • Conference and meeting organisations


  • Riders

Advisory Board

Kristen WorleyGender Rights Advisor
Eric ViléLegal advisor
Marianne VosUCI Athletes Commission Women’s Road Representative
Joe HarrisBusiness Consultant
Michael TownshendCorporate Identity, Digital communications
Jack LindsayAdvisor Partnerships
UNI World Players AssociationSporting Union advisors
Brendan SchwabExecutive Director, World Players Association. Labour & human rights lawyer.
EU AthletesAthletes Rights advisors
Yves KummerPresident of EU Athletes
ANDREA MARCELLINIAdviser Governance and Strategy

Code of Conduct

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