27 applicants for the TCAMP Pre Career X Strava Grant.

The first batch of applicants for the TCAMP Pre-Career x Strava Grant have all submitted their application on time. they are now being reviewed by a panel of expert. Decision to be published at the end of the month. 27 candidates applied for year one of the TCAMP Pre-Career x Strava Grant, a really impressive number of riders coming from all cycling disciplines. For Deena Blacking of TCA it shows the interest riders have in TCA activities.

" We are really pleased with the total number of applicants for this year of the Grant. Over the last week we have evaluated the individual application. Some of them are of extremely high quality. Riders are following closely our activities, some members of the TCA program also applied for the grant. At the end of the day we have a good mix of discipline and we are looking forward to help as many riders as possible"

After reviewing the individual application TCA staff will contact the candidates who have passed the first hurdle and will be invited to participate in a 45 min interview later next next and Blacking to continue :

"We wanted to have a fair and transparent process, It was not easy because since we have never done that type of project before but we believe we have ticked all the boxes for accountability and transparency. The selection committee will resume next Monday and the successful applicant will have an interview with TCA and Strava to present more in depth their project. Based on the merit of each application money will be distributed directly to the riders to pay for their costs for the upcoming season. We hope it can make a difference for their future professional career".

Applicant who have meet the minimum criteria will be contacted later this week and interviews are scheduled for the end of next week, while results are going to be published early December.

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