2024 TCAMP Pre-Career x Strava Grant rider announcements

Following a three month application process, TCA has begun to announce the successful applicants for the TCAMP Pre-Career x Strava Grant for  for the 2024 cycle racing season. The group is composed of 11 female riders from BMX, Road cycling and Mountain bike. Over the next week, follow TCA Instagram to find out who these athletes are!

Thanks to the support of Strava and its ‘Strive for More’ campaign TCA is able to financially assist young or aspiring riders from all over the world to access the professional level of cycling. Through this grant process, TCA will support riders to travel, access equipment, and pay for other things that are essential to  pursuing a professional career. 

The TCAMP Pre-Career x Strava Grant is part of the wider Cyclists’ Alliance mentor program, “TCAMP”. Started in 2021, TCAMP aims to support riders with their personal development before, during and after their professional cycling career. 

Zipporah ALLEN, Chief Business Officer, Strava welcomed the success of the 2024 Grant “Elevating female athletes to showcase their talent and stories is integral to motivating the next generation of women in sport. This is what truly inspired Strava to start the Strive for More initiative in 2021. We’re proud to serve as a long-term partner of The Cyclists' Alliance and celebrate this year’s grant riders as part of our commitment to get more women to the starting line of professional sports”.

Iris SLAPPENDEL at TCA was pleased to see the diversity in cycling disciplines and the country represented “first of all, it’s super positive to see so many riders applying for a program that has never existed before. It shows the need. Now looking at  the list of recipients I’m super excited to see riders from Africa, Oceania and South America being awarded with the Grant. The biggest takeaways? Women’s cycling is everywhere and needs to be supported in any ways possible” 

1/ Florence NAKAGWA, Uganda, Road
2/ Sophie MARR, Australia, Road
3/ Emma MATTHEWS, United Kingdom, Road
4/ Jazillia MWAMAKAZI, Rwanda, Road
5/ Florence NORMAND, Canada, Road

The TCAMP Pre-Career x Strava Grant is a fund of $100,000 dollars made available by Strava for aspiring and promising athletes who are in financial need, and will be distributed over two years by TCA

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