The Professional Cycling Council and the UCI Management Committee approved a number of amendments to the UCI Regulations, on the recommendation of the UCI’s various commissions. You can read their full press release from 4 February here. The majority of the changes will be effective immediately and/or as of April 1, 2021. While some measures will come into force later. The relevant measures will apply initially to UCI Women's WorldTour events, then will be able to be applied progressively to all events on the UCI international Road Calendar.

Below we summarise the most important changes and their practical implications for you as a rider. TCA will monitor if the new regulations will be respected by the UCI and the race organisers and the cooperation of the TCA ‘team ambassadors’ by taking the monthly safety surveys is essential. If you don’t know who your team ambassador, please contact us at


  • UCI appointed a UCI Safety Manager (per 1 January 2021) – responsible for safety and supervision of safety at events on the UCI International Road Calendar (UCI appointed Mr Richard Chassot (SUI)) 

Effective from 08.02.2021:

  • Every organiser is obliged to appoint an Event Safety Manager (has to be UCI certified), that is part of the race organisation staff – responsible for applying risk assessment, completing final checks at race. 
  • The technical guide is required to include the contact details of the Event Safety Manager and those in charge of various sectors. 
  • The inspection vehicle leads the race, in which Event Safety Manager, to point out any possible obstacles and intervene if necessary.
  • For stage races the organiser must include in the daily communiqué any important information concerning safety for the next day’s stage.
  • The race director may also decide to definitely stop the race (that is an extension of the current possibilities), in case of an exceptional accident or incident that could impinge upon the normal conduct of a race in general or a particular stage thereof. 
  • To evaluate safety and compliance of the route, the UCI may therefore collect the essential information from the organisers.
  • The result of the evaluation of the event route by the UCI or the appointed independent expert may be communicated by the UCI to the organiser so that the latter can implement any corrective actions required.


Effective from 01.04.2021:

  • Finish lines must have continuous barricade (no gaps), no vertical blocks/pillars that stick out (from 300 meters to go through to 100 meters after the line whenever possible).
  • Concerning security in sensitive sectors, such as the finish zone and its barricade lines, it was decided to establish several measures at events (for example weighting and also positioning of barriers on the finish line to avoid any space between them).

Effective from 2022:

  • Work with existing suppliers to develop protection equipment that provide harmonised visual reference (visual guidance with description and images to be produced to enable consistency on flags, sounds, signage, arches for event managers).
  • More measures will be implemented regarding finish lines, led by experts.


Effective from 01.04.2021:

  • Forbidden positions on the bike, include sitting on the top tube and using the forearms as point of support on the handlebars (except in time trials).
  • Anyone who does not comply with the new rules can be punished with a fine, disqualification or declassification.


Effective from 01.04.2021:

  • Feeding zone with a minimum of 50 metres per team. Feed zones shall be located on slightly uphill sections and must be outside urban areas.
  • Rubbish collection zones: Organiser is obliged to set up rubbish collection zones every 30km to 40km (waste and bottles).
  • Waste, bottles, clothing etc. should be given to team car or team staff in feeding zone.
  • Penalty for throwing waste outside the litter zones (risk a 5-15 UCI Ranking points deduction and/or time penalties, elimination or disqualification).
  • Penalty for bottles/litter discarded in careless or dangerous manner (risk a 5-15 UCI Ranking points deduction and/or time penalties, elimination or disqualification).
  • Feeding is prohibited in urban areas.


Race Convoy (per 1 January 2021):

  • Stricter directives for conduct of race convoy (motorcycle riders, vehicle drivers and also television helicopter pilots).
  • Introduction of a comprehensive and structured briefing for all drivers before the start of each event (led by the President of the Commissaires’ Panel for the event and the organizer).
  • Implement ‘training logbook’ for monitoring of drivers’ experience and
  • (to apply a license points system for drivers in the race convoy that will be progressively introduced).


Effective from 08.02.2021

  • Event organisers are responsible for the payment of prizes. National Federations are nevertheless free to implement their own specific procedures for any event held on their territory.
  • Prize money of Women’s World Tour races will be collected by UCI/CPA via platform MATSPORT. More information on deduction of the fees will follow later on the TCA website.

Please find here the UCI Guidance on the new safety regulations: