For riders

Full Membership

To join The Cyclists' Alliance you must be registered as a woman cyclist with the UCI. We'll ask you for your UCI ID when you register.

  • Membership to The Cyclists' Alliance costs €50 per year. (12 months from when you sign up.)
  • Click on the link below and you'll be taken to Paypal where you can pay either with your Paypal account, or with a credit or debit card (there is no need to register with Paypal to pay by card).
  • After that, you'll be brought back here and asked for some details like your name, date of birth, team and UCI ID.

12 months membership
with auto-renewal
12 months membership,
once off

If you're not a UCI registered rider but still want to support The Cyclists' Alliance: Become a supporter

What can the TCA do for you?

  • improve career and economic opportunities available to all female riders;
  • advocate for fairness and equality in your working conditions;
  • provide unconditional support to you during (and after) your cycling career; and
  • increase the visibility of women’s  cycling

How do we do this?

TCA Members have access to:

  • a contract management platform, with a contract health check (and, where material issues are identified, the opportunity to receive a preferential quote from a TCA approved agent to help with negotiation)*
  • assistance in resolving disputes, access to legal advice and arbitration assistance;
  • a dedicated Ethics Officer on hand to answer any queries, questions or give you guidance on how to report an incident 
  • education on athletes’ rights;
  • a private social platform to communicate with other members and for help from the TCA
  • resources on financial planning and post-career guidance; 
  • mentorship programs
  • group supplemental insurance policy plans (separate costs but at preferential rate for TCA members)
  • the Rider Council: 8 elected Rider Representatives dedicated to highlighting issues and prioritising concerns
  • representation at TCA board level, with a seat for a Rider Representative