The Cyclists’ Alliance unites professional female riders from all over the world.
We strive to improve your careers and economic opportunities, advocate for fairness and equality in your treatment, provide assistance in resolving all types of disputes, and will unconditionally provide support to you during and after your pro cycling careers.

What we offer
A member of The Cyclists' Alliance receives:

  • An association in which we work together to improve the careers of female pro cyclists and the economy of women's pro cycling.
  • Representation and influence in the UCI Road Commission, the Women's World Tour Commission and the national federations.
  • Representation to race organizers.
  • Standard contracts for every member of our alliance, which can be used as a guidance when you are discussing a new contract with a team.
  • Legal advice.
  • Access to group supplemental insurance policy plans (separate costs).

Over time we will add more services. Our funding plans will help us subsidize benefits in the future, as the Alliance grows.