Supplemental Insurance Packages for Women

The Cyclists’ Alliance and SVL Sports GmbH (SVL), the leading broker of personal and team insurance for riders in the elite cycling marketplace, formally announce a collaboration to offer supplemental insurance packages for women, along with a financial savings pension plan. These insurance packages and financial offerings are available to members of the Alliance starting today.

Proper insurance coverage was the number one concern as reported by UCI-licensed women racers in our February 2017 survey. While there are insurance requirements for UCI-licensed women’s teams, the type of coverage provided may not fully cover the rider in some circumstances, especially if the rider is living and training in a different country than her home nation or the nation in which her team is registered. And similarly, a woman who races in multiple disciplines, such as in cyclocross, MTB, or track, may not be covered when racing out of her team’s scheduled racing program.

Proper insurance coverage was the number one concern as reported by UCI-licensed women racers in our February 2017 survey.

SVL is the leading partner in professional cycling for rider insurance because it has been the sole focus for the company since it was founded by Jörg Scherf & Heiko Volkert. Many riders in the men’s Continental, ProContinental, and WorldTour are familiar with the brand because it already insures most of the world’s top men’s teams, in addition to several current Women’s WorldTour squads.

What is new about these packages is that these are specifically structured to cover gaps in coverage not already provided by a team’s insurance or a personal policy. SVL has tailored the healthcare packages to include women’s health and wellness coverage needs. And for those women who are looking for a way to make their hard-earned wages go further, SVL is also offering a special financial services Pension Plan which can help you to save and plan for the future.

We hope that riders who choose to participate in SVL’s custom insurance brokerage and pension programs can feel more confident when they train and race in pursuit of their career goals. The Cyclists’ Alliance is working to provide solutions and partnerships like our program with SVL that improve the working conditions and career opportunities for women in professional cycling – we want you to know that we have your back!

For more information, please contact The Cyclists’ Alliance.

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