Case Study: Image Rights

Your image rights are one of your most important assets as a professional cyclist, but do you know what your rights and restrictions are? 

Let’s take a look at a recent example: 

The Case Facts: 

One of our professional …

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Let’s talk insurance!

Insurance isn't the most popular subject to talk about at the dinner table with your teammates. But it is something you think about; Proper insurance coverage comes up high on the priority list of riders in our yearly surveys. And

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An Open letter to the UCI,

For The Cyclists’ Alliance, the most critical thing in the ongoing Tokyo Olympic Games discussion is strong leadership and communication from the UCI. Without strong leadership and clear communication from the UCI athletes cannot make informed decisions about their preparation

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Coronavirus update

Some riders have reached out to us regarding Olympic qualification concerns so we just wanted to address it in case you, or any of your teammates have questions. We are aware of the challenge’s riders are facing amidst the cancellation

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